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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians are healthcare professionals who work alongside our Clinical Pharmacists to ensure efficient and effective use of medicines

Their core role is to maximise safe, cost effective best practice in prescribing medicines to improve the quality of patient care.

Their role includes:

  • Helping patients get the best from their medicines

  • On the day queries

  • Sorting repeat medications

  • Dealing with out of stock medication

  • Following up patients who have recently been discharged

  • Checking they are aware of changes to their medication if not already informed

  • Answering their questions

  • Referring/signposting to other services when required

  • Discharge summary/letters from hospital

  • Identifying and rectifying unexplained changes

  • Working with patients and community pharmacies to ensure patients receive the medicines they need

  • Medication reviews

  • Referrals

If your GP believes you need to speak to a pharmacy technician, they will pass along your information and they will be in touch with you.

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