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Digital Transformation Lead

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The key objective of the role is to support PCNs and their practices to deliver ongoing improvement to services utilising data to improve quality, efficiency, to support population health management, workforce or estate planning.

Some of the key duty's in this role include 

  • Increase access to care for patients

  • Improve care efficiencies

  • Support Enhanced Access

  • Baseline and improve digital maturity levels across your PCN

  • Raise the digital literacy within your workforce

  • Improve patient communications via technology and social media

  • Develop your digital strategy

Just as technology has an ever increasing impact on our everyday lives, technology and information have become even more fundamental to the delivery of modern healthcare within organisations and across a health economy. The processes of diagnosis, planning, care delivery and management are all critically dependent on access to the right information at the point it’s needed.   

Meet our digital and transformation leads team for both Lichfield and Burntwood PCN  

Kelvin Edge

PCN'S Business Manager
& Transformation Lead

Leanne Stevens 

PCN'S IT & Digital Support Manager
& Transformation Lead

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